Max on negative feminine symbolism

I went to the obelisk in the Park a few days ago, Max asked me to look closely, and then I noticed metal crabs on all four corners at the bottom of the obelisk, I had never seen them, reading the text on the metal plate, it said it was to “balance” the obelisk…when it was brought from Egypt in 1881. ( the inauguration ceremony was in 1/22/1881 – i’m not trying to decode that now, but seems like a significant number, they also buried a box underneath as a “time capsule” see link below)

Then he asked me to look up the spiritual meaning of crabs: “ability to maintain balance, ability to store water – emotion- and .. transformation”….and then the same evening I was listening to a Max interview and he was talking about the cancer sign being negative feminine, as it is connected to the moon, and then also connected to the number 69 etc..I realized that my encounter with the crabs had a lot to do with what he was specifically teaching me about symbols and how to work with them etc. But didn’t ask more then.

Then again a few days later I was listening to another interview in which he was talking about Baphomet….Miles interrupted him several times but Max kept on saying the word, so I paused the interview and asked him:

LG: Why is this baphomet stuff so important to you?

MAX: Because everything is centered around the negative feminine in the satanic religion which is the religion of baphomet which is Baal which is the draco queens etc

A lot of the symbology is going towards the negative feminine also not to forget, the teachings as long as they are hidden they are of a negative feminine nature. 

LG: wow.. i didn’t even think about that..

MAX: We have to reveal/ expose the negative feminine and make it positive by exposing it

LG:…how can we do that?

MAX: by seeing consciously where the negative feminine is hiding and using that specific frequency of the negative feminine and transcending it ….exposing and transcending…

LG: what do you mean by transcending?

MAX: bringing it on to a higher level, merging it with the divine masculine is going to create a more positive feminine 

LG: Is there a negative masculine?

MAX: Of course! 

all of the wars and open in your face violence etc is negative masculine.

LG: so you’re going to show me where the negative feminine is hiding? like in general?

MAX: yes, one aspect of negative feminine is moon symbology.

revealing and exposing the energetic signature of the negative feminine 

in psycology, art, politics and religion and even spirituality.

those are the main ones

The resonance of this frequency could be felt like a screeching sound for ex if you had synesthesia, there’s different sensations to that energy, cold chills, etc 

LG: Are you saying that cold chills cannot come from negative masculine? 

MAX: They can- I’m just describing my own sensation of it, but you can use it as a tool/ as a code as well actually : say for example that whenever you come across something of negative feminine energy it’s going to cause you cold chills. Program yourself like that. 

Then you can look at something not knowing but then getting the sign from the subconscious mind that has been programmed to interpret the negative feminine as cold chills….and get cold chills.

LG: can you say more about what this does, the negative feminine baphomet symbology?

MAX: It’s an energy sucker and that is also present through the symbology of vampirism and reptilian agenda they all have in common this negative feminine energy. Depending on where they are placed- the symbol is placed they are sucking the energy out of a certain place etc- like the obelisk- it’s not to balance the masculine energy like it says it deviates the flow of the positive earth energy- grid points- you can be certain that the obelisk has been placed on a earth vortex point- and transforms it into negative feminine with the added crabs…at least that is the inherent programming, to then suck the energy out and up through the obelisk.

LG: that makes a lot of sense, yes…. 

 Would you say that Kali as a destroyer goddess, is she negative feminine?

MAX: No, she’s not. She’s not hiding the destruction she is openly destroying, she’s more of a negative masculine but not negative feminine.

LG: What do we do when we come across negative feminine symbolism?

MAX: To counteract the energy sucking you visualize a symbol, anything that means LOVE for you, if it’s a rose, visualize a rose, if its a heart use that, it will raise the frequency and neutralize the negative programing of the symbol/ the sucking.

For example: draw the heart, or rose in the air/ or just visualize it, but always use one symbol for that specific purpose.

It is more powerful when it is the same symbol being used over and over and over and over by the same person. Maybe we can establish a new code at some point where we set and reprogram certain symbols with counter symbols, that will be determined in our group. Let’s start that now, let’s use the heart to clear negative feminine vortexes. Just make sure that before you use the heart there is no negative connotation with that shape, the word or the concept of love itself. Any subconscious programing needs to be made conscious and cleared before we use any symbol to re imprint/ reprogram the matrix.

Also there is no need to close your eyes, when you visualize the symbol, most likely this is going to happen when you are in public, you can just intent for the symbol to be there, project it onto the negative feminine energy/ words/ symbolism etc.

LG: What are examples of negative feminine symbolism?

 MAX: Anything to do with the moon (except full moon) serpents, any creature that is active at night, anything associated with Lilith, Lilith is the shadow part / manifestation / inversion of Isis. There is a treasure trove of symbols for the negative feminine and I will continue to show you things, but anyone interested in this can google this and find a lot. 

Keeping in mind that this symbolism is created and reinforced by the secret societies – they are using ritual to imprint certain meaning onto otherwise neutral things. Any shape, any geometry and any animal is neutral as such. Only with the use of dark magic will it become a conveyer of a certain message to the subconscious mind. Hence even the shape of a heart can be programed negatively. 

That’s precisely why we need to counteract that programing by reprograming and re imprinting positive and neutral meanings onto darkly programmed things, such as symbology in logos, words, images, television, etc 

LG: Ok, that makes sense, thank you so much! 

I have a feeling there will be more information about the re programing process soon, and also about the heart symbol, but Max is only revealing things in small digestible bites for me, so that’s all for now…

Here’s the link about the obelisk- Cleopatra’s Needle right by the MET.

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