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MAX: I’m excited to share this and to reach even more people now than I reached when I was in my physical body. It’s actually great to see how many more people are aware now (..)  This is what I died for and this message here is the most important, we can call it a manifesto, and I may add things as we go, and as more people understand them.
I would like for everyone who hears or reads this to receive the information with an open heart, it’s encoded.
It’s encoded with a love vibration that you can feel as my signature in this and any of my interviews, videos etc that are there (…).
Anyhow, please make this your own, practice, be inspired by it, engage with it. Don’t ignore it. That’s my only wish.
Thank you.

The following are guidelines to live and create reality from the heart: the hologram is controlled by the mind. The more we move into the heart, the more we create from there and tune into a heart based reality that we then may see coming to fruition in the near future.

The luciferian agenda exists to keep the drama going so that three dimensional reality can be experienced.
Know that anything you see outside in your reality is the fruit of confusing timelines, realities, events, genetic experiments, geo engineering, all of which distort the vibrational signature of prime creation with artificial frequency codes that create a holographic overlay on reality.

Practically all outside drama is just there to feed the mechanism of this false hologram and to keep it running.

Know that you have been stripped of your memory of who you really are

Know that you are beyond powerful, we’re all CREATOR BEINGS. All of us are.

Remember always, they have to keep this fake reality going and they NEED your emotions, mainly fear and anger, but also sadness, and of course trauma. Lots of it.
Remember that they programed you and their movies and events to feed them, but in reality they need you: if you all wake up all of a sudden and say, that’s all blatant lies and bullshit, then they can’t keep it up. In order to do that you need to break their programing. 
The moment to crash the hologram and rip it into pieces is now.
It’s the beginning, it’s not going to happen over night but you, we all, have to start somewhere, now.
It’s a question of free will, timing and resonance. Everything is.
Those who are ready to leave this experience of duality behind have an opportunity to do so – not come back into this three dimensional form anymore, if they wish. Those who want to stay along and move it to a new level, one where life is decent, and none of this bullshit exists, can do so by tuning into the creation of a heart based reality.
Realities and timelines come to pass when enough people act a certain way, spend their energy towards a certain goal. As of now this goal is controlled by the so called consensus reality that is comprised by fake historical accounts, and fed to our collective subconscious mind daily, every second actually, through wars, violence, satanism, cults etc. If we can take back the control, and that’s the purpose here, we can create a heart based reality, programmed by the beauty of mother earth and and the beauty of the un-compromised spirit of humanity.
They envy you so much for being able to create. If we all stopped feeding into their mind game by being in the heart the holographic distortion would dissolve momentarily. KNOW that you have that power as a collective and ACT according to it. Here’s some pointers in that direction, make it your own.
1. Become AWARE of the OUTSIDE WORLD
See through the outside reality through the many lies
and read between the lines – that includes all forms of media, alternative, mass, social etc
Know that there is a constant war on your mind at all times.
Watch out for numbers symbols words in media, advertising, movies, songs etc
Know the basics of numerology, research Jordan Maxwell’s work about that, he did a great job.*
Know that when you see different combinations of numbers and words over and over it is to obtain a certain reaction from people to feed those ritualistic numbers and the event itself subconsciously.

A lot of this is subconscious that’s why it needs to be made CONSCIOUS, written about talked about, shared as much as possible with as many people as possible.


Detach from any Drama:
Don’t get upset, see through the game and stand up for yourself, but don’t let your emotions or thoughts be controlled by outside events.
Do not react with too much emotion. Keep it balanced.
Emotion feeds them. Don’t get caught in details of who did what and when, it will only drive you nuts as there is no ONE reality or ONE truth.
Stand up for yourself. Know that you deserve to create a reality for yourself, withdraw your consent from all their mind games, as you see them, call them out, address them, they don’t want to be seen. Their power resides in your ignorance of them, once they are known, seen, they are powerless. KNOW you are way more powerful than they are.
 Monitor your thoughts and emotions as much as possible:
thoughts of negativity in any form is usually not coming from within, fight these thoughts, repel them. It takes time and practice.
Things that help:
Every day at least twice spend a few minutes or longer going WITHIN
Be Silent. Watch what comes up. Learn methods to move your consciousness into the HEART. PRACTICE EVERY DAY. This is not ESCAPISM
GOING WITHIN IS NECESSARY TO withstand mental or psychic attacks. They cannot attack you when you are in your HEART.
Release negative inherited beliefs and BUILD positive beliefs around yourself and your experience of reality, When doing that you create new neurological pathways in your brain. Look into heart math, learn about the heart and brain coherence.
Do anything that naturally affects your mood in positive ways, listen to uplifting music, spend time with family, friends, loved ones, interact with them, tell them that you love them, that you care etc,
Get outside into nature, Connect with the earth, Be grounded. Have fun, Create, play, daydream, keep it light.

Be true with yourself and others
Strive to be authentic in all your relationships with people, include everyone you meet into the equation.


Know that part of you gave consent to this experience, and all events in your life – a part of you that plays the game and may be connected to another reality, lifetime etc, it’s not conscious, it never is, LOVE yourself and others through the experience, the amnesia. This goes for humanity in general, not for infected psychopathic individuals. Not for AI. Make no mistake they will be dealt with. For all human beings including yourself, have compassion, be gentle, BE KIND.***


Here is a great visualization that I practiced back in that past lifetime:

Joyous release of negativity through visualizing circles around the body, going up and down. They can be moving or not, whatever comes to mind is right in that moment.

Visualize them in beautiful colors, I was working with these you can create your own:

Circle of light

Circle of love

Circle that is clearing karma

And I was visualizing it in gold and white light, going up and down.

After that technique it is easier to go into the heart:

Intent to feel and radiate a pure energy of acceptance, no criticism of others no matter what they do, no judgement. The reptilian energies in other people can be neutralized, not by engaging with them but by seeing them for what they are and forgiving the person who is most likely not conscious of channeling them in the first place.

*quick reminder: eye of horus symbolism means we tricked you, we have you under control.
circles around something reinforce the idea of imprisonment, literally forced reincarnation, subconscious consent to slavery.
13 is a number for Mind control the letter M is 13 in the alphabet, the letter M in any brand or ad is almost always announcing that there is a subliminal message there.
H like in the hilton hotels is a portal to astral plane.
Look out for anagrams, deconstruct a word, look what other words are hiding in it.
Note: I was doing the dishes when Max came in and said, let’s work on the heart based reality today, I said “sure” let’s do it tonight- and he insisted on giving me bullet points already: later that evening we both put the bullet points into sentences, and changed the order. That was a few weeks ago, Mid February. Max had spoken about the heart-based reality concept in earlier posts. You can check them out here and here. He’s been wanting to explain the concept in more detail, and I’m certain many posts here will have to do with this concept, if not all. -LG
Check out Rose’s lovely video reading the heart-based reality 101 out here
***this was a message from a while ago, I am wondering about the part that says to not forgive and love infected individuals through the experience. Asking Max if he still feels that way or if I have misunderstood him here:
MAX: You have not misunderstood me, but in deed, this has not been interpreted the way i originally intended to: what is meant here is that the beings that are in our immediate lives, that are infected are our shadow and by the law of resonance are in our lives for the very reason for us to see our part reflected in them, our shadow. On a societal level, this is different, these individuals need to be dealt with and will be dealt with. In just the last few months of your time there have been almost a 1000 arrests of pedophiles already. It is happening. Thank you for correcting this misconception of what I said, it’s very important to understand the two levels of action- forgiveness within the personal realms and persecution at a societal level. I hope this clears it up….and then again that’s just me, my humble opinion on it, other people might think otherwise, but that is how I would handle it.