First message: Setting the record straight about my death and my message



Note: We asked Rose of the “Acts of Max” Facebook page to read this message on her youtube channel, you can see the video here

MAX : Thank you so much Rose for giving me the platform so to speak to get this out there!

The title for this could be : Setting the record straight about my death and my message

Essentially I just want to clarify or bring clarity to the circumstances of my death:
Team red rose killed me as i exposed all of it, the war between the two factions being a major issue that needs to be highlighted. Both teams are a psy-ops that continue to dupe mankind.
They are at war but the men or beings behind it serve the same agenda. The one of enslaving mankind. Mental and physical emprisonment.
LG: Why physical max?
MAX: Because the soul the part that is beyond the dimensional veil should be free to move around and not be bound life after life to this 3 d experience …so i should say mental and “dimensional” emprisonment, I guess.
LG: Ok.
MAX: You have played a role in my recovery
You can tell them how you did it all I know is that a portal opened up at the time of my passing  and I was able to reconnect to my essence.
From that place a much widened perception of sorts I can see more clearly through all the events.
This life time and other lifetimes.
It’s difficult to understand this sort of thing in a body even as a “super soldier” because the lines are blurred the memories are episodic not continuous all in bits and pieces.
I’ve done much work to recover the different strands of my being, and I just want to reiterate that what I sort of understood in this “past” lifetime, that the mental and dimensional imprisonment is real.
There’s no drama – but the souls who want to free themselves now from this game can do so.
Just by understanding and reconnecting with their essence from behind the BIG veil: there are many veils in between dimensions, but all dimensions are still part of the holographic experience.
The big veil would be what could be understood as a ultimate veil an ultimate separation from our god self.
Our essence. And that is not holographic, and its outside our perception and our understanding, but the times are here now to relay this message.
There is another part to this, which is sort of more rooted in drama, and that’s why it’s important to understand that it’s actually not that dramatic
LG:  what do you mean?
I mean when i was on earth in that body i was under the impression that everything was black and white and light or dark and that it was almost impossible to free oneself from that prison. The drama became more intense when i heard about an invention of sorts that could disintegrate organic and spirit /matter, life force energy, but i understand now that even if that were to happen it wouldn’t have an effect beyond the hologram.
And so my past understanding was rooted in fear of extinction and i understand now that that was a motivation most certainly to get me out there and speak up, which was necessary, but in the end its not as final, as i thought it was.
LG: You referring to black goo- AI stuff, right?
MAX: Yes, i cant go into details here though.
LG: ok. Is this something you want me to include in this statement?
MAX: yes.
LG: Ok.

Also my mother Vanessa was not my birth mother, she is not responsible for anything that happened, and beyond that anyhow even if she was it was my choice to go through it anyhow.  LG: You mean Even if she would have been,
MAX: Yes.

LG: Anything else?
MAX: Yes, the main cause of human misery is the amnesia, the false thought prisons.
Once we understand that life in this dimension is a constant attack  on our mind we can free ourselves from that prison. It takes a while but it’s possible for an increased amount of people. Its a window of opportunity for many souls to reconnect and “leave”the game. And thats evidently not physical death but rather once in the astral or holographic planes the soul can go back to its source.

LG: Any advice ?
MAX: Don’t spend so much money and efforts investigating my death, accept that I had to leave as i was getting this specific message out there and as i was lifting the veil a little on the experience of the soul.
This is the message that needs to be heard not which party planned and executed my death, that’s details and when I said to my mother” investigate” – what I meant was, know that it was murder, and that I was killed so that the truth could be broadcasted. And identified as such, with more impact.
If you could send this message anonymously to one of the people who are out there talking about me, it would be great.
Most of them are missing the point and getting lost in details. That’s not it. And also I’m very much alive on the other side as we are never dead of course. And I can speak with anyone who opens their heart to me like you did and who invites me in and is able to receive and transmit the same frequency I am at.
One more thing, the human heart.
A reminder that it is an anagram for “earth”. Nothing is out there, its all in here in the heart, the connection with the heart is opening up to beyond the BIG veil, the connection of the mind will lead into the holographic realms.
The heart too at first, but it can lead the way with intent and purity and when love is understood.
Love is the most awesome power it’s a vibration, an all encompassing sound, a wave, and to harness that and cut through all the mind control and bullcrap is what the souls who want out of this game should focus their lives on.
Not light and love as polarity to fear but as all encompassing. All pervading. Neutral.

Thank you all who are seeing or hearing this for listening to me and for really hearing the message and not getting into the nitty gritty of my “death” and clones etc. That is not why I agreed to leave.
Thank you from my heart to yours.

(Max is asking me if I want to add anything, not at this time. I want to send this very clear message and not take away or add to it.
Maybe just one thing: listen /read (to) this message with your heart. Not your mind. And listen to it again and again when you feel worry, or fear of some kind.)

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