A new timeline after spring equinox 

From Max: 

A shift happened over the last few days into a stabilized timeline. This timeline is also encompassing more of the other timelines the negative and the positive: there’s more of a bandwidth of frequencies that are available to us right now. experiences (in other words there are more beings on it now, positive and negative, that can be felt in more direct interference. 

Different timelines of dark and light potential have merged and are going now in one direction towards personal disclosure and public disclosure 

Ifs not final it can shift again. But its unlikely. 

As much as the timeline itself is stabilizing the hologram it is very destabilizing to the people / souls who are experiencing it. 

Back and forth between more extreme polarities. 

Negative and positive experiences It is more important than ever to be in your heart and to feel your heart. 

Move yourself out of the negativity as soon as you perceive it. 

You could liken it to having one foot in a swamp and simply taking it out of the mud. 

It can be easy its just requiring more flexibility and focus to stay on the heart’s path. To not move into fear and not knowing and to make the baseline of this experience a positive neutral. 

It is better to not move into ecstatic feelings as you could easily fall into darkness right afterwards. 

Keep yourself out of extreme emotions and control your emotions at the best of your ability through being in the heart and through seeing everything sort of through a filter 

Like its not real anyhow, nothing is real, it’s only as real as you make it. You have to claim your power over this reality and you can do that. 

All of you who read or hear this can. 

-thank you Max! 

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