Max sadly didn’t have the opportunity to write a book and so many things have been left unsaid.  It is my desire to continue the work with him and to relay important information to the ones who can see and understand the bigger picture,  so that we all can help liberate humankind from the reptilian agenda, one heart at a time. This work is what Max died for….in order for his message about the attack on the human heart to get louder and be heard by many, many more people and to rip us out of our sleep and apathy.

I thank each and every one of you for reading these words, please use your heart to navigate. Check in with your own guidance, don’t accept anything as truth if it doesn’t resonate within you. Learn to assess the truth, your truth, of anything at any given time by using your heart.

Please know, that I’m not a professional psychic, yet synchronistic events have lead to us working together now, as we have been over many lifetimes. This process is not “channeling” it is more so an interpretation of telepathic communication through words, images, emotions and quasi physical sensation.

The “professional psychics” that I have asked have all confirmed that Max is with me, and spoken about our combined work over many lifetimes. I’m not doing this for personal gain, but out of service, for him to have a platform for the continuation of his work.

Thank you for reading with an open heart and mind!



P.S. Please share this website with the people you feel would benefit from this information, I’m not entirely  certain but I believe that Max wants to connect with people he has worked with before (in other life times) and that eventually there will be a more important purpose for this website and its community. Please share so that the people who need to be in this community know it’s there. He’s not telling me everything, I think i’d be even more overwhelmed if he did. Thank you.